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Our Brand Commitment

Who we are, what do we do and what we want to achieve can be summed up in just four words, that also represent our commitment to the people worldwide- Innovation for Healthy Life. It is not just our people behind our extensive portfolio, but, our customers and stakeholders. We work closely with them for the purpose of brainstorming to find new and better ideas, share information with each other. With an effective and result oriented range of Natural Essential Oil, Fennel Extract, Ginger Extract, Herbal Extracts and products, we are empowering our customers achieve accomplish sustainable competitive advantage and secure lasting outputs. We work of the critical challenges face by the society to find natural solutions.


The office, raw material storage room, processing unit comprising extractors and charging extractors, storage tank, and falling film evaporators, spray drying room are all incorporated in a facility situated in a prime location of Ahmedabad, a largest city in the Indian state of Gujarat. The plants and its several parts are obtained from farmers or agents within the state and nearby states. The extracts  of fruits, leaves, roots and bark obtained are tested and calibrated in-house. The range is then further packaged in a hygienically packaging unit. We are meeting the requirements of customers hailing from different sectors by delivering products to their doorsteps via road transport. We have a fleet of vehicles, and trained drivers for deliver of orders within state and nearby states via roads, state highways and national highways, like National Expressway 1 and National Highway 48, National Highway 147.


At Vivaan Herbals & Healthcare, we have never bargained in terms of quality and purity of herbal products provided, which resulted in amassing appreciation, repeat and new orders from customers. All plants and herbs are sourced from farmers or reliable agents, processed in-house and provided in well-packed form to customers. The initial step in the production is to use the most advanced analytical equipment for the analysis of sourced ingredients and ensure their authenticity and compliance for quality and origin. At each processing stage, highest quality standards are maintained. The samples are checked randomly from any stage, comparing it with reference samples. The completely processed herbal products are inspected to conform with Vivaan Herbals specifications and industry specifications.

In the years we have served the industries, what has never changed is our commitment to quality and customer support, and what exactly has changed is the portfolio, as we have continually enhanced it to serve every need in the industry. Our customers are majorly companies in different industrial sectors, which use these products as ingredients for making several products for improving health, and beauty. Research is a constant endeavor in the development of existing herbal products and new compositions.

We are meeting the changing and exacting demands of our customers efficiently, by expanding our production facilities by constantly upgrading the technology, while maintaining a firm belief in perfection, precision and quality. Besides the best of technology, we have the best of people, who serve customers throughout the country with the best in quality and services.

We, today have a group of customers throughout the country, who seek quality products.


Vivaan Herbals & Healthcare is a unique company that produces herbal, safe to use and effective herbal raw material products and extracts for several industrial sectors. Research is carried out to modify and improve the existing range and find our new formulations that can help people in improving their health. A competent staff and scientific advisors are at work to research new herbal products.

Research pipeline

We are working for developing herbal and all natural products for the treatment of following:
  • Inflammation
  • Allergy, headaches and migraine
  • Obesity
  • Liver disorders
  • Cancer
For the work, our research people are exploring the active ingredients from well-known and less known herbs and plants from the dense forests of India. They experiment with different herbs blend, and proportions. All formulations are passed through preclinical studies and clinical trials. For the cancer patients, our team is working to bring out effective formulations to treat cancer as well as to reduce the side effect of chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

Project Ayu-Gram

A program called Project Ayu-Gram is focused on economic empowerment of poor farmers throughout India. Vivaan Herbals & Healthcare has partnered with more than 70 small and marginal farmers across the nation to grow plants and herbs. These farmers own small land, about three to four acres, require support for diversifying their crops and generate more income. Through the program, they cultivate herbs like:
  • Alfalfa
  • Ashwagandha
  • Tulsi
  • Ginger
  • Turmeric
  • Shatavari
  • Vetiver
  • Mucuna
  • Kalmegh and many more
We have chosen the socially disadvantaged farmers and provide them the training and technical assistance in organic farming, good agricultural practices, and sustainable herb collection. They are trained through demonstrations and field trials carried out by an expert team of agricultural scientists. We always try to ease their burden and cultivation & harvesting cost by providing them with essentials, like seeds, packing materials and support in transportation. By participating in Project Ayu-Gram, farmers do not have to depend on intermediaries to sell their produce, as we buy their produce directly.

Sustainability - Our Vision And Strategy

The word sustainability is interpreted differently by different people. At Vivaan Herbals & Healthcare, we define sustainability as meeting the efficiently requirements of our current generation, while conserving the resources for the future generations. We, therefore, are responsible towards preserving the ecological worth, increasing the economic prosperity, and shouldering our social responsibility towards people, nature, and revenues. We take the Rim (Revenues, Individuals, Mother Nature) Approach. Our process is designed in a way that it benefits not only us, but our customers, stakeholders and nature.


We are doing business, therefore we seek for ways to increase our profits. And in this process, we create strategies that not only are economically sustainable, but  helpful in the development of all groups who partner with our company. We manufacture 100% natural products, through processes that are eco friendly and cost efficient to achieve commercial success. We are capable of providing affordable herbal extracts, raw material and products for agriculture, pharma, cosmetics and many other industrial sectors. We have framed a sustainable business model that successfully meets the needs of people at the bottom of the pyramid. By providing the necessary support to farmers, we are contributing in their economical development. We have become a source of regular income to them.

People/ Individuals

We stick to our commitment of generating better lives for people today and forever. Through innovation and a breadth of herbal products to enhance the lives of people. With our range of products, they can cure, diagnose & treat several ailments, rejuvenate themselves and improve their productivity & performance. We also maintain good and long term relations with our suppliers. We time-to-time arrange training sessions for our employees to polish their technical skills and make them skilled to meet every dynamic need of industry.

Mother Nature

We are focused in touching lives our people by exposing them to our wonderful nature and helping them maintaining a healthy well being. In order to repay our dues and conserve its merits and worth, we have framed our manufacturing processes and the entire value chains to be energy efficient and less wasteful. We are continuously working to improve our energy efficiency with each passing year. We train farmers and promote eco-friendly organic farming with an aim to preserve soil and enrich ecosystem.